Last night I dreamt the apocalypse.

Actually, it was a pre-apocalypse where the majority of civilization was on a horse-race to leave Earth. I remember feeling somewhat panicked during the entire dream, in all of its sequences.
Subway platforms would segue into glass hallways with those conveyor transport devices on the floor, like the ones found in airports. People were directed into rapid moving trains that resembled the new silver subway cars in NYC. The trains transported people into these platforms erected as high up towards the sky as you can imagine, where you get shot into space. Although, my dream failed to disclose where the human race is headed.

The very last thing I remembered happening was that I tried to get together with my friend Jon to hang out, amongst the commotion and rush of everyone around me. I even waited for him, and he seemed relaxed on the phone: "We can get in some drinks near where you are, we've got time." as I think to myself, yes... we have a couple of hours since the apocalypse is scheduled to arrive at midnight. His calmness managed to calm me down, just slightly.

Anyway, it was pretty intense, and I woke up tired from it - I had to sleep a little while longer.

Oh, and tonight's LOST was really really good! Just thought I'd mention.

tweets for tonight

  • 10:20 been sleeping 8 (!) hours in order to overcome her cold. my dreams have been these long-winded journeys, like a cormac mccarthy novel. #
  • 21:35 roomate stopped in quickly and smoked me out :) and left! Gonna stay in and finish LOST #
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